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Please read our pre and post care guidelines thoroughly to best understand how to achieve perfectly healed results. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Things to Consider:

We ask you plan your session(s) accordingly. If you have any major events or vacations planned, it is wise to schedule appropriately to allow for healing time. Our artist is happy to assist you with coordinating your scheduling if any assistance is needed.

Please also review our policies before scheduling your appointment. You can find it at the top of our page or by clicking here.


*Please Review*

You may not be a candidate for permanent cosmetics or a signed note from your physician may be required before proceeding. Please contact us if you have any of these counter indications: 

  • Pregnancy

  • Breastfeeding

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Viral infections and/or diseases

  • Diabetes

  • A Pacemaker/major heart problems

  • A family history of keloids

  • Had Botox in the past 2 weeks

  • Currently sick with a virus or bacterial infection

  • Used Accutane in the past year

  • Allergies to anesthetic (lidocaine, tetracaine, benzocaine)  or pigment

  • Extremely Oily or Problematic Skin (acne, cysts, infection)

  • MRI's scheduled within the year 

  • Any medical concerns in regards to healing or are prone to infection


Before your appointment...

  • Please let your brow grow before.

  • No waxing 24 hours before procedure.

  • No intense exercise 24 hours before procedure.

  • No alcohol or caffeine 24 hours before procedure.

  • No fish oil or supplements 24 hours before procedure.

  • No eyebrow or eyelash tinting 48 hours before procedure.

  • Avoid sun and no tanning 1 week before procedure.

  • No aspirin or ibuprofen 1 week before procedure. 

  • No electrolysis 2 weeks before procedure.

  • No Botox or fillers 2 weeks before procedure.

  • No chemical peels 3 weeks before procedure.

  • No AHA skin care products 4 weeks before procedure. This includes Retin A, AHAs, anything that chemically exfoliates the skin.


After your appointment...

Please Note: Healing varies with every  individual. All forms of cosmetic tattooing can cause redness or swelling. Other common side effects during the healing process include itchiness, soreness, scabbing, and flaking/peeling. Your initial results will appear darker and bolder than desired but will typically fade 30-50% during healing and once healed. After your initial results have healed, it is common if they look patchy. This is why all cosmetic tattooing services are a two step process. Any patchiness, boldness, and color can be perfected at your touch-up session.

Aftercare instructions will be provided to you after your initial appointment. Your artist will additionally go over these instructions in detail and is available for any questions or concerns during the healing process.

Additional Pointers:


  • NO TANNING (this includes natural sunlight)!

  • No hot tubs, saunas or pools for 2 weeks post procedure.

  • Try to avoid excessive exercise or sweating 5 days post procedure.

  • No makeup or skin care products should be applied near area for the first 72 hours.

Pre and Post Care: List


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